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Frequently Asked Questions



What type of staffing does Accurate™ provide?
Accurate™ provides both Temporary and Permanent employees to fill all of your staffing needs.

What types of positions does Accurate Personnel™ staff?
Accurate™ is capable of providing all types of qualified candidates to fill your needs. Some examples are as follows:

Clerical-Industrial-Accounting-Forklift-Managerial-Warehousing-Secretarial-Shipping/Receiving-Professional Sales-Machine Operation-Administrative-Assembly-Computers-Customer Service

Does Accurate™ provide on-site services?
Yes, many of our clients have a need for large quantities of temporary employees. In these cases we find it helpful to place an Accurate™ Consultant on-site at the client to better manage the temporary employees. Accurate’s™ on-site program offers many benefits to our clients and may be right for you. Your Accurate™ Consultant will be happy to explain this program in detail to you.

Does Accurate Personnel™ offer employee payrolling?
Yes, many of our clients choose to make use of our payrolling option. For more details please ask your Accurate™ Consultant.

Can Accurate Personnel™ administer testing and training specific to the job openings?
Absolutely! Our trained Staffing Consultants at Accurate™ will work with you to administer any testing and/or training required for your job opening.

Can Accurate Personnel administer drug testing?
Yes, many of our clients utilize our drug testing program. Our consultants would be happy to explain the process to you.

Can Accurate™ provide a background check on an employee?
Yes. Accurate™ is fully capable of running background checks on employees. If this is a hiring requirement for your company our Staffing Consultants would be happy to discuss this option with you.

What if I want to hire my temporary employee?
That’s great! Many of our clients are so satisfied with their Accurate™ employees that they want to hire them permanently. Your Accurate™ Consultant will be happy to explain the process along with any fees that may apply.

What types of employee retention methods does Accurate™ use?
At Accurate™ we pride ourselves on having loyal and happy employees. Through our use of employee benefits and awards for merit, longevity and attendance it is our #1 priority that our employees know that they are appreciated



Does it cost money to apply with Accurate Personnel™ ?
No, there is never any fee to the applicant.

Why use Accurate™ to find my next job?
Accurate Personne™ l has established relationships with many well-known, reputable clients in the Chicagoland area. Through these relationships Accurate™ can efficiently and effectively get your information and qualifications in front of the right people to facilitate your placement into the right job.

What types of jobs can Accurate™ help find?
Accurate’s™ wide variety of client relationships allows us to place employees in many occupational fields. Some examples are included but not limited to the following:

Clerical-Industrial-Accounting-Forklift-Managerial-Warehousing-Secretarial-Shipping/Receiving-Professional Sales-Machine Operation-Administrative-Assembly-Computers-Customer Service.


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