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On the Job Tips

Below you will find some helpful on the job tips that will make your on site experience run smoothly, ensure a safe and friendly working environment, and allow you to stand out.

  • Keep that positive attitude going! You are now "on the job" because Accurate Personnel and the supervisors on location with you have full confidence in your ability to fill the position you are in.
  • Be sure to continue to dress in accordance with the dress code. dressing sharp with good grooming is sure to impress.
  • Be friendly and get to know your co-workers. However, do not allow social interactions to interfere with your work. Also, no gossiping.
  • Show off your work-ethic. Don't be afraid to come in a bit early or stay a little late to help out. Your diligence will definitely be noticed.
  • If you find that you do not have enough to keep you busy throughout your work day do not hesitate to let your supervisor know. He or she may have other opportunities just waiting to be seized.
  • Always familiarize yourself with the safety regulations specific to that company. This could save your life!
  • Be dependable! If you are ever going to be late or have to miss a day of work it is extremely important that you let your Accurate™ Representative know as soon as possible. Just making that one phone call could mean the difference between being seen as reliable or unpredictable. It's that easy.
  • Do not take personal calls when you are on the job. Try to limit personal calls to lunch time and only on your cell phone.
  • During work hours keep your cell phone on silent or vibrate.
  • Do not surf the internet or use an instant messenger while in the work place. If you have the free time to be on the internet let your supervisor know and surely they can find another more productive outlet. Keeping your mind on task will set you apart from the rest.
  • Remember to keep that positive attitude. Try to leave personal problems that you may have at the door when you enter the work place. Although this may sometimes be hard, in the long run, remaining focused on your job will pay off!



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