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Staff Solutions for Employers
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Temporary Program

Accurate’s™ Temporary Staffing Program offers a flexible solution to all your short and long term temporary staffing needs.  This program allows you to increase or decrease your labor force and control your overhead costs while still having access to valuable talent.  Whether your staffing needs are immediate, short-term, or long-term, Accurate’s™ Temporary Program offers a workforce solution without increasing your permanent headcount.

Temp-To-Hire Program

Accurate’s™ temp-to-hire program allows you to observe a new employee on-the-job before making a hiring commitment.  This program offers an established probationary period for you to evaluate a potential new hire to reduce the risk of a bad hiring experience.

Direct Hire Program

Accurate’s™ Direct-hire Program manages all recruiting, screening, and evaluating of potential new hires while allowing you to focus on running your business.  We customize a job description that best represents specific positions and your company culture.  This program also includes all necessary testing and screening.

Human Resources Services

As the responsibilities of Human Resources become more complex and demanding, Accurate Personnel offers a wide variety of services to respond to our client’s changing needs.  These services include:

  • Job Site Development
  • Employee Handbook Development
  • Performance Standards
  • New Hire Orientation
  • Recruiting, Screening, & Testing Services
  • Rewards and Retention Programs
  • Disciplinary Programs

On Site Program

Accurate Personnel™ offers an On-Site Management Team with site specific training and risk management services.  Our manufacturing based time-management software program provides real-time reporting that can be available to supervisors and management personnel immediately.

Contact Accurate™ for further information.

Employee Testing/Training

Accurate Personne™ utilizes an array of skills testing for our clients.  We offer a customized testing assessment package that includes a site specific program for all potential employees.  This package offers a guaranteed solution to ensure that all employees have the necessary tools needed to match your job requirements.  Pre-employment testing programs like this drastically reduce turnover.


Managing payroll is a costly and time consuming process.  By utilizing an outside source for payroll, you can focus your precious time and resources on what matters......your business. Accurate Personnel™ offers a cost-saving solution that includes:

  • Weekly/Biweekly Payroll Processing
  • Check Delivery/Direct Deposits
  • Payroll Registers
  • Weekly Reporting for Accounting Records
  • Federal Quarterly return and Tax Deposits
  • State Unemployment Return
  • Management and Distribution of W-2 Forms
  • Year to Date Employee Earnings
  • Benefits Administration


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